"I had a chance to look through the website a little more. Looks great man. I would like to have a link to it on my site if that would be OK with you? Check out (madisonsmusicstore.com). I'll have my web guys add it to my home page. Please give me a call sometime and if you ever need help with anything just let me know.....buddy, I'll figure out how to make it happen!! Good luck with all you are doing.for a great cause!"


"Dennis, I'm speechless and humbled by what I just saw... Your courage, vision and drive to make this happen is amazing and I'm exceptionally proud and honored that this guitar body is going to such a worthy cause. It makes me feel so much better knowing that there will be a very special and worthy purpose associated with this guitar body. I wanted it to go to someone that would truly appreciate and understand how unique & special they are. It now appears at that will happen and it makes me feel better knowing that. I really appreciate you sharing your project with me, and if you don't mind I'm going to share this with other people that I know through the internet guitar forums, facebook, etc. and in some small way I hope I can raise awareness for your cause. I applaud your strength and determination in the face of something that I myself, would not know how I would react to. You are an inspiration. I wish you and your team nothing but the best in this endeavor. I will be following your website and I'm really looking forward to seeing how this turns out. Good luck for great, great success !"


"What happens when you combine a conceptual visionary with some of our
nations best craftsmen? Simply put, a collection of the most visually exciting and
unique guitars to be found anywhere. One of a kind combinations of
nature's most stunning tone woods, united with the musical industries
finest hardware & electronics creates museum quality instruments that beg to be
played everyday."

J. Rath

"Recently, through a mutual friend I spent an afternoon with Dennis Kalkowski, the Founder of SlowLane

Guitars, and was treated to a private viewing of his guitar collection. What an experience! I don’t play the guitar, I am not a collector of guitars but I have always had an interest in beautiful wood, wood finishing and fine carpentry, in that regard this was truly an amazing afternoon. All the guitars were beautiful, some were amazing, and others were simply stunning! In addition, Dennis tells me that the individual pieces of wood used for the body and the neck design can affect the final sound of the guitar. If it isn’t to his liking he can install a different electronic pickup to acquire the proper sound. Rest assured these guitars not only look gorgeous but sound that way also. Really an amazing effort to help the MDA"

Lynn Shalley

"Dennis...Love The Website! I am more than happy to wind whatever you need. I'm sending your
web link to friends to help get the word out. Again, it is truly an honor to be a part of such a awesome and
stellar organization of craftsmen, Dennis. Thank You again, and I look forward to many more creations. Your enthusiasm is contagious!"

Dale Latimer

"Dennis!! Great to hear and see you on TV. I am very happy for you and your success in this awesome project! Hope you and Gloria are doing great!"


I just wanted to shoot over a friendly hello to all the hard working people at SlowLane Guitars! Keep up the great work guys, Your guitars mean so much more to people than I'm sure you will ever know. You guys are all wonderful people! Ben at Madison's

Ben Lindsey

"SlowLane Guitars is simply the BEST! SLG's unique fundraising program was perfectly designed to benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Awesome!"

Dave Naves

"SlowLane Guitars, are hand crafted in the USA by skilled artists, with
one goal in mind---creating "one of a kind" instruments with total
attention to every detail. I'm thrilled with my special order short scale bass!
It truly exemplifies SlowLane's pursuit of building outstanding instruments,
which are artistically unique, with a wonderful blend of understated beauty and musical tone."

Robert R.

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