How We Build

“Slowlane Guitars…Instruments fighting MD”
How WE build them!

Dennis’ great passion for sharing the joy of music and his desire to help those affected by the debilitating and deadly disease of Muscular Dystrophy, required that he think outside the box when it came to bringing these beautiful instruments into the world. Studying the craft and honing his own skills, he was able to identify the areas where he would need assistance in producing the components of the guitars that he himself would design and painstakingly assemble. Dennis chose carefully to build a team of crafters whose passions matched his own, bringing with them the talent to create the pieces that when combined would result in musical art. Judged by luthiers and players alike to be of exceptional quality, these instruments stand equally with those created in high end custom shops. And even better, Slow Lane Guitars are not only hand-built, they are heart-built.

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