MDA Muscle Walk Guitar Giveaway 2014

Donated to 2014 MDA Muscle Walk

Donated to the 2014 MDA Muscle Walk

We will be donating this beautiful guitar to the MDA at the 2014 annual MDA Muscle Walk which will take place at the State Capitol on Sunday, May 4, 2014. It is the finest instrument from the early works of Slowlane Guitars. It is made out of a solid one piece black walnut slab given to Slowlane my luthier Gary Brommerich. It is machine routed but hand shaped and finish-sanded by Dennis Kalkowski here at Slowlane Guitars. It was then hand finished in lacquer by a good friend Martin Trujillo, of the finest painters we have ever met. The neck & hardware came from Metalshop Music in Florida and the pickups are by Lindy Fralin, a custom guitar pickup builder considered by many to be the best in his craft. All of this was done to help support the first steps of the Slowlane Guitars/MDA Guitars fund raising project.
Assembly of the guitar was done in slow, deliberate steps making certain that every piece of wood, every soldered wire, every spaced hole that Dennis drilled for every screw were placed & fitted perfectly. Then Jesse Cassotta, a highly regarded luthier in California who has his shop, Sonfather Guitars in Rocklin, gave the guitar a thorough professional shakedown and setup adjustment. When finally played, the guitar sounded incredible, like jeweled bells and piano-like notes and sustain. Simply one of the finest Stratocaster style bodies he had yet to see and hear.
This guitar is very inspirational to Dennis. It helped him survive a fall that resulted in permanent confinement to a wheelchair. It proved to him that one is never too old to learn a new skill, that working with your hands is so relaxing, that patience builds character, character sets standards, and standards determine quality. Dennis found that he did’nt have to loose his patience or give up his character of 56 years just because he was in a wheelchair. In fact he had to work much harder at both. Through building these guitars Dennis discovered a new-found inner-peace, improved patience, and a new form of character with higher goals and higher standards than he ever thought he could achieve from his chair. Over the last three years with the help of his MDA Guitars Team, the guitars he builds for Slowlane Guitars are being discovered and proclaimed as some of the finest and most beautiful instruments around. Not bad for an old guy in a wheelchair. This guitar was one of Dennis’ first born pieces which proved to him that even with SBMA/Kennedy’s disease, when it comes to building a professional quality electric guitar, he can learn from and keep up with the best.

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