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Dennis Kalkowski and Bob Rogers

Dennis and Bob met in the 4th grade and grew up together doing the things that young kids did.Dennis began playing guitar at age 7 and Bob the bass at 17 and immediately began playing together (Bob had some catch-up to do). They laughed and had a great time building a musical bond that strengthened their friendship that never wavered throughout the years.
Dennis joined the PGA of America where over his 25-year professional career he was a club professional and Director of Golf. All the time, a guitar was near his side. Bob’s career had been in the newspaper, IT and Workers Comp field as well as gigging in a few local bands along the way. Early on, his musical tastes evolved into jazz.
After 16 years of Dennis being out of the area, they reconnected at a friend’s mother’s funeral. By this time Dennis’ bout with Kennedy’s Disease (SBMA) began to show publicly. Over time, the disease progressed from him using a cane to crutch to scooter, and then to a wheelchair. They stayed in touch throughout the changes and challenges in each of their lives.
One day during a 4 month hospital stay, while playing guitar, Dennis had an idea about the future and how he could do something interesting for himself and positive for others around him as he began a new chapter in his life confined to a wheelchair. Always tinkering with his guitars, he decided to pursue the concept of designing/building/assembling electric guitars. He and Bob talked about it at great length The longer they talked, the more the excitement grew and the idea of Slowlane Guitars began. Dennis spent his time reading books, studying videos and polishing his skills. Bob began honing his skills with computer programs that were going to be a huge part of the marketing effort.
After coming home from the hospital, Dennis immediately began studying from any resource available and his skills progressed quickly and Slowlane Guitars began to take shape. While Dennis was busy with the guitars, Bob spent time with the Muscular Dystrophy Association developing the relationships and programs that were needed to organize our efforts to ensure that a good portion of the net profits from the sale of each guitar would go to the MDA. During that time he also handled marketing matters, attended special events and coordinated activities between Slowlane guitars and the Northern California MDA.
Dennis’ wife of 34 years, Gloria is responsible for shaping all of this into a business which she owns, directs and is President of….It’s through her love, her kindness, her caring and giving spirit that this entire project is possible. It began as a dream while lying in a hospital bed and it became a reality the day Dennis came home to find a workshop full of tools waiting for the project to begin.
Slowlane Guitars exists solely to help raise funds for the MDA and to bring the joy of music to everyone who plays one of our guitars. Please take the time to discover more our program. By purchasing one of these beautiful instruments you are making a meaningful difference by helping the Muscular Dystrophy Association create more research for a cure and better treatment for those afflicted with one of the 71 different forms of Muscular Dystrophy…..where there is not a treatment or a cure for any of them.

We thank every one of you for your generosity and ongoing support of Slowlane Guitars and our fight against Muscular Dystrophy.

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